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Job Hunt 2007 update

After bitching about how submitting resumes via Craiglist felt like throwing them into a bloody black hole, I was pretty surprised when sending out 3 applications today resulted in 2 personal – not canned! – email responses. Granted, neither was … Continue reading

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Bargain gaming…

When I was sorting out papers recently, I stumbled across a receipt from 1995 for Solar Eclipse. This was a fairly forgettable Saturn shooter, with the caveat that Claudia Christian did some acting work in the cut-scenes. Since I was … Continue reading

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Points to the French…

For making a fine game. I speak of course of Beyond Good and Evil, which seems to be one of the top games on anyone’s “If you haven’t played xxx you’re not a real yyy” list. Not that I’m, you … Continue reading

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If you can’t beat them, set difficulty to “Monkey”

Ages and ages ago, when the SegaCD was Welcoming People to the Next Level and all that good stuff, a very peculiar game managed to slip by the “make it as American as possible!” localization people, and we got Keio … Continue reading

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Linda, Linda…

OK, more like Lara, Lara. All apologies to the Blue Hearts. Keeping up to date, today’s weight check : 194.4. My recruiter seems to have found a couple of decent leads to throw a resume at and hope it sticks, … Continue reading

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Vague and pointless ranting.

When you’re trying to keep a log of your job applications so you can have it handy in case the Oregon Employment department ever asks you to prove you’ve been looking for work, anonymous craigslist job postings make keeping said … Continue reading

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“Buffalo” is a funny word.

It’s actually kind of nice sometimes to find out something that hasn’t been working and has been annoying you isn’t your fault. That’s the feeling I got recently when I found out that the issue I have with the wireless … Continue reading

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5 years sitting unplayed wasn’t enough?

The last time I set out to finish a game, I made a nice list of Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube games that needed playing – and then threw it out the window and put Shenmue in the Dreamcast. This time … Continue reading

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Wii get!

This morning’s weight: 196.4, for anyone who cares to watch me count down. Today was a rather nice day, too nice to stay indoors, so I elected to get out and get some sunshine in. OK, I lie, there was … Continue reading

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Of shame and…

I have been pleased with myself – positively giddy, in fact – after finishing Battlefront II and Geist earlier this week. Since I have some unexpected time off work, I decided to go for three, and started flipping through games … Continue reading

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