Demon Hunter Amy

I should probably confess that I’m pretty bad with names.  I have about a half dozen that I recycle from one MMO to the next, and I tend to pick the absolute most generic names when forced with the decision in any non-MMO.

This is why my Demon’s Souls character is named Amy.  I don’t KNOW any Amys, I’m sure I have in the past but at the moment none are coming to mind, so it’s good because there will never be a question of who she’s named after.  It’s not a great name for a slayer of mighty demons.  Honestly it’s the sort of demon slayer name that would bring shame upon the family of any demon lord pathetic enough to fall before Amy.

It could be worse.  It could be Anne.  With an E.

That’s not even a first name, it’s more of a middle name.

But I digress.

Anyway, five more demons down over the last couple of days.  I haven’t been able to sit somewhere high and snipe any bosses to death in a while, so that particular cheesy tactic seems to be lost to me.  Of these, “Maneater” was the only particularly rough one, because he’s two bosses at once and the arena is very easy to fall off of.

You die when you fall off, in case you were wondering.


I managed to die one time each to Adjudicator and Fool’s Idol, which are typically ranked among the easiest bosses to curb-stomp.  My humiliation knows no bounds.

Part of the timing of me playing through this game is a craven attempt to avoid PvP.  I figure, Dark Souls III JUST came out, nobody is going to be going back to a seven-year-old game and pwning newbs.

I haven’t had to fend off any PvP invasions yet, so I guess that’s working out.

I’m not sure how far along I am.  I have at least seven bosses left, but I suspect that there will be at least one Ultimate Big Bad after those guys.

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