Did I Actually Just Finish Demon’s Souls?

Yes.  Yes, I did.

In the last world, I finally got invaded by another player.  I was trying to turn a dragon into a pincushion at the time, so I was a LITTLE distracted, but I was able to pivot the camera around enough to let me see him run up behind me and stand there for a while.  Then he hit me twice, which was enough to take me down to a sliver of life and send me running.

At that point, I think he committed suicide because he felt like he’d gotten his message across.  I certainly didn’t beat him, at any rate, but he died.  So, um, “Frakuun”, thanks for not slaughtering me.


Demon’s Souls – well, the entire Souls series, really – certainly uses its difficulty as a selling point, and that’s not something that usually attracts me.  Hence playing it for the first time in 2016. 🙂

What it has once you get PAST the difficulty is a really fantastic atmosphere and an addictive feedback loop of “I did poorly there.  I did a little bit better there.  I did even better this time.  How was this ever hard?”

I understand that Dark Souls is a very different game so I won’t be hunting that down to jump in to right away.  Also, I’ve spent the last week either playing Demon’s Souls or thinking about what I was going to do next in Demon’s Souls so I should probably make sure that I’m still employed, still married and that our cats remember me.




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