Two More Down


Flamelurker managed to kill me twice and I got VERY lucky on the third attempt; I had him down to a sliver and made the mistake of standing still to get the kill shot off.  It landed on him just as his big flaming attack hit me and left me with barely a pixel’s health.

So really he should have won that round, but there are no do-overs for demons in Demon’s Souls.

Leechmonger was a little embarrassing as bosses go.  I went from “huh, I’ve never even looked into world 5” to “Welp, dead boss” in under an hour.  The swarm of rats I ran into on my way down to find the boss was actually a bigger threat, because they very nearly pushed me off an edge and to my doom.

I admit that I was somewhat helped by a player message that said, basically, “Stand here and rain fire magic down upon the boss” and I just happened to HAVE a fire spell and some mana regen items and well, the rest should be easy enough to infer.

I have no idea where I should be going next.  Guess I’ll just try worlds and see what kills me.


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