Dear Diary, Today I…

demonssoulsbox…played some more Demon’s Souls.

Day Two highlights:

Killed a big red dragon by standing on top of a tower and shooting it with a lot of arrows.

Killed the Armor Spider boss by hiding behind a pillar and shooting it with a lot of arrows.

Killed the Tower Knight boss by hiding on the ramparts and shooting it with a lot of arrows.

Basically I’m glad the guy in the Nexus has an unlimited supply of arrows to sell.

Also got up to Soul Level 30, so upgrades are starting to get a little expensive, but on the other hand souls are starting to come a little easier.  Good thing, considering how many of them I spend on arrows.

After ten hours, I’m starting to really feel like I have my feet under me against some enemy types that absolutely demolished me the first time I met them.  The silver skeletons in world 4, for example, were absolute nightmares.  Now, they’re easy souls unless I back into a rock and wind up eating their overhand HASSAN CHOP! move.

Not that I ever back into rocks.

Anyway, I’m not sure what to do next, but I did see a big guy behind all of the silver skeletons in world 4.  I remember him from the tutorial, where he killed me with one swing.  I understand that he’s SUPPOSED to kill you with one swing, but I still have a few anger issues to work out with him about that.

Maybe I can shoot him with a lot of arrows?


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