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I Can Stop Playing Music Games Now

March 23, 2015

…because I’m almost certainly never going to out-do this:


Sadistic Music Factory is the “Boss Fight” of Project Diva ƒ, and in keeping with series tradition it’s yet another super-high-BPM cosMo@暴走P song.  It was also the last song keeping me from getting a “Great” or better on all songs on Hard difficulty.

Great requires a score of 90% or better, and I kept getting 89.x, where X was at one point 9.  That was also the run where I had my best combo, a 264-note monster, and not getting the Great on that run had me *this* close to giving up for the day.



Two more tries later, everything came together and I got the very satisfying score above.  As a 40+ year-old guy, I’m not physically able to press buttons fast enough to make more than a casual attempt at most of the songs on the Extreme difficulty setting, so Hard is going to do quite nicely.

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