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So, I finished Skyrim

March 30, 2015

Killed the Big Dang Dragon, saved the world, fulfilled my destiny as the Chosen One, brought balance to the Force, all that good stuff.  Took 68 hours, which I understand is a pretty quick run by Elder Scrolls standards.

To be honest, a good 10 hours of that was spent working on the Ultimate Set of Badarse Dragon Killing Armor and Weapons, which meant that the final boss fight was literally a 30 second affair.  Really a little embarrassing, but uniquely satisfying…

…and now I’m sorely tempted to dive right back in from the initial carriage ride into Helgen, ignore the main quest, and try a completely different play-style.  I’m going to add a couple of quality of life mods this time, though – I stuck to purely visual changes for my first run.




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