It’s The Little Things

To continue the theme I’ve had going lately, where I neglect modern consoles and massive Steam backlogs in favor of playing decade-old Xbox games, I’ve started Metal Arms: A Glitch In The System.

I’m not going to talk about that tonight, though, because I’ve barely gotten going on it.

What I am going to talk about is how gleeful I am that I appear to have, quite unintentionally, purchased a television that eliminates one of the most vexing results of the move to 16:9 format televisions, that being the need to constantly change the aspect ratio when playing 4:3 content.

It turns out that my TV features a setting labeled “Auto Wide”, which when enabled further enables an option that lets you choose what the thing does when handed a 4:3 image. By default, this is set to stretch the picture, because TV manufacturers live in fear of consumers complaining that there are black bars on the sides of the picture.

When set to ” Normal”, the set blissfully flips back and forth between wide-screen and 4:3 mode automatically, and a small annoyance is no more.

It is a small thing, but a delightful one.

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1 Response to It’s The Little Things

  1. PiE says:

    You understand me so well. I always hate how TVs stretch the picture by default. Circles look like ovals, squares like rectangles –it just isn’t right. Even computer monitors are plagued by this monstrosity (fortunately, most of them have options that disable this).


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