Scary done right proper.

After playing several games recently that flirted with the tame edge of the “horror game” genre, I’ve decided to give myself some real scares.  I started Fatal Frame last night, and damn if it isn’t a fine way to freak yourself out, especially played in the dark with headphones on.

I’m having a little trouble adapting to the controls, I’ll admit.  I really appreciate the FPS mode from Fatal Frame II now, because the constant shifting between first and third person in this game is a bit tricky to manage.  I’ve already died once, and it was to a fairly early boss fight and I’m going to blame it squarely on not being able to spatially orient properly when switching perspectives.

Still, I’ll get the hang of it.  It’s a lot of fun so far and definitely seems worth the effort to recalibrate my brain a bit.  🙂

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