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Buying Used = Stealing?

I’ve noticed an awful lot of chatter recently in video game forums and blog comments that consists of posters / commentators trying to equate buying used video games with piracy. The argument, as I understand it, is basically that, since … Continue reading

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Let’s talk about color.

After School Days, I needed another cute school romance show that maybe didn’t end with any decapitations.  I decided I’d go with Akaneiro no Somaru Saka, which was recommended in Chris Swett’s anime podcast a few months ago.  I figured … Continue reading

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After School Specials Done Wrong

Dear Diary: Today, in an effort to be more “in tune” with modern anime fandom, I watched all of “School Days” in one sitting. As a result, I now feel slightly more up-to-date, so desired effect achieved and all that. … Continue reading

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For the record:

The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina makes a damn fine candy bar. That is all.

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Reflections on a scene

I had a few posts last week about video encoding, mostly because I’ve been on a quest to take .mkv files with soft subtitles, which is the Current Popular Format, and crunch them into Yesterday’s Popular Format of .avi or … Continue reading

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In which, I sample the delights of the former Eastern Bloc.

A week or so ago, I ordered a hard drive enclosure from Newegg.  This is a perfectly normal transaction, and nothing worthy of comment really. Problem is, I’d never updated my address with Newegg.  I didn’t realize this until the … Continue reading

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It always comes down to psychic schoolgirls.

After taking some breaks due to class, I finally finished Red Alert 3 tonight, and I plan to start on Uprising before I forget what all the units are and what they do. I tackled the Rising Sun campaign last, … Continue reading

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