It always comes down to psychic schoolgirls.

After taking some breaks due to class, I finally finished Red Alert 3 tonight, and I plan to start on Uprising before I forget what all the units are and what they do.

I tackled the Rising Sun campaign last, and I’m glad to have done so.  Compared to the other two factions, it took a LOT of micromanaging of units to get through, and it took me quite a while to get used to how closely I needed to watch things.  Also, of course, you don’t get the REALLY cool units until the last mission or two, so you get the new shiny toys and only get to play with them for an hour or so before the end.

Particularly cruel is how long the game makes you wait until you get to play with the Rising Sun’s commando unit, Yuriko, who is just a ton of destructive fun wrapped up in a plaid skirt & pigtails.  She also takes more micromanaging than any other unit, because she dies an awful lot. Fortunately, a new Yuriko is always just a button press away.

Hmm.  That having been said, “dying an awful lot” is a common quality among the commando units for the various sides, but I just never felt the need to bother with either the Russian or Allied commando units.  So I can’t single Yuriko out in that regard.

Anyway, making you wait to play with the more powerful units makes sense, of course.  If you had access to every unit at the start of the campaigns, the game would be insanely complex.  Easing you into it is the only sane way to do things, and ramping you up slowly is a good way of getting you ready to jump into the online multiplayer.

Which I don’t play.  So it’s kind of a waste, I guess.

Even if you do look at the single player campaign as “just a training mode”, though, it IS 27 missions long and they’re joined together by delightfully cheesy cut-scenes, and it does have a surprising amount of fanservice.  Can’t go wrong with fanservice.

It’s not a quick game.  With multiple failed missions – I EVENTUALLY learned that I should be saving often – it took me probably 40 hours to play through.  If I’d played an RTS since Starcraft, I might have done a better job at that.

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