Backlog reduction through hardware failure.

So, I was going to try out a more-or-less foreign genre, that being the Stealth Game.  I’ve never really done well at “sneaky”, though I did enjoy the bits in Beyond Good & Evil, Arkham Asylum, and Deus Ex that required you to, well, fly under the metaphorical radar, so I figured I’d give Splinter Cell a shot inasmuch as it’s pretty much the genre definer.

Wow, that last sentence is pretty much an abomination of language.

Anyway, I went to turn on our original Xbox, and it powered up, and the drive door wouldn’t open, and it flashed a red light at me and then displayed a message, in six languages, telling me that it was broken and needed service.

This is the second time it’s blown up.  I fixed it myself the first time, by swapping the power supply for a new one ordered from Lik-Sang (may they rest in peace), but I don’t think I’m going to bother fixing it again.  I can play Splinter Cell on our 360, but I AM taking all of our non-backward-compatible Xbox games, tossing them in the “sell these” bin, and marking them off the old backlog.  I have to figure, we’ve had an Xbox since 2002, if they didn’t get played by now they were never going to be played.

To all of my friends who are about to say “wait, I have a perfectly good Xbox that you can have”… don’t.  🙂

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