New Things I Like

New things I like:

Misoyaki Don:

This was on the daily specials board at a local Japanese place, with no description. I figured, I like miso, I like yaki, let’s give it a try.
It turned out to be grilled chicken & onions in a really yummy miso-based sauce, over rice. NOM NOM NOM. Now I just have to hope it stays a special.

The “Transporter” movies:

A friend recommended these ages ago, but we’d never watched them until we saw a trailer while out shopping. If we hadn’t, we would have seriously missed out. Goofy fights, laws-of-physics-defying car stunts, and a guy who makes sure to always keep a spare tie and dress shirt in the trunk.

0.3mm mechanical pencils, 0.4mm ball-point pens:

Kanji are so much easier with a really fine point. I’m breaking a lot of leads, but I’m getting the hang of it.

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4 Responses to New Things I Like

  1. shmelly says:

    Mahjong, anime, blah blah blah. What? Over the top action flicks? Here we can communicate! Two other Luc Besson films you may like besides The Transporter:
    Crank (this one has Jason Stathom)
    District B13


    • baudattitude says:

      Sweet! We already have Wasabi, Leon, and Nikita to watch, but I’ll put those on the list for after.

      There was a trailer for “Crank 2” on the Transporter 3 Blu-ray, by the way, and it looked… just deranged. I couldn’t figure out if it was good deranged or bad deranged, it was just too damn weird.


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