Sony missed an incredible opportunity

After having finished Resistance : Fall Of Man this last weekend, thanks largely to my gamerspouse buddy coming over – I didn’t make it through the FIRST LEVEL playing solo, even on Normal difficulty – I realized that Sony missed a huge opportunity when they released Resistance 2 recently.

That is to say, they failed to call the game: “Resistance 2: Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back

OK, so that’s kind of lame really.  But what the hell, it will probably get me an occasional pity visit from Star Trek fans, which will be a change up from my average visitor, who finds this site through searching on terms like “fatal frame panty shot”

Not that I have a problem with that.  The sort of man searching for “fatal frame panty shot” is a man who is true to himself.  I salute you, random pervert, because you capture the essence of what it is to be a man.

Let’s get back to Resistance, shall we, before I disturb my readers any further?

Anyway.  Resistance is a satisfying shooty experience and taught me that I had been, since 1995, holding Playstation controllers in precisely the wrong fashion, which was in itself worth the price of admission.

It didn’t really have a BANG ZOOM CROWNING MOMENT OF AWESOME ending… actually, to come right down to it, it was remarkably reminiscent of the ending to the first Halo game, if Bungie had forgotten to include the kick-ass Warthog bit right at the end… but it was fun and I am looking forward to trying out the sequel just as soon as it hits Greatest Hits status.

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1 Response to Sony missed an incredible opportunity

  1. notapervert says:

    uh, where’s the fatal frame panty shot?


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