Milestones and money

So, didn’t get fired today.  Actually quite a nice meeting, it seems that we are bucking the trend and doing all right despite the crashing economy.  We have more customers than the year before, delivered more products in less time, and so on and so forth.

My corporate overlords actually handed out bonuses, just to make the point about being in good financial shape, and I made out surprisingly well.

See, every time we ship a project, we send the customer a satisfaction survey sort of thing with a dozen or so questions; they’re asked to rank us on a scale of 1 to 5.

At the meeting, for every project that came back straight 5’s, they gave $50 checks to the developer, PM, and QA guy that worked on it.

We have six developers and two QA guys.

Most of the developers wound up with 1 check, a couple got 2, and, well, I wound up with 4 and the other QA guy did pretty well too.  🙂

So, not fired AND a nice bonus to offset the fact that I got a little silly at Newegg last weekend after my hard drive died.

Also, about the milestones thing:  This is the 400th post here.  It’s not a significant number in any way and the 2 year anniversary of this blog isn’t coming up for a couple of weeks, but it’s a big, round number, so it’s kind of a milestone.  I choose to think of it that way, anyway.

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