Recent games…

After being all “oh, I don’t play games much” yesterday, I realized that wasn’t really true… I start an awful lot of games but I rarely get far before I put them down and forget to pick them up again.

One of the few to get me quite thoroughly hooked lately was Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! which I managed to beat on easy and then played through on Normal until I got to Ready, Steady Go… after beating my head against that for 2 days I used the power of YouTube to look up a video of someone beating it, then decided I didn’t need to beat the game on Normal THAT badly. It somewhat blows my mind that there are two difficulty levels above normal.

Partners in Time stayed in the DS for a long time as well. I haven’t gone back to it in a couple of months, the last thing I remember was being swallowed by a large pink dinosaur. I think I’m stuck in the stomach. I don’t think I’m very near the end… let’s leave that train of thought right there.

Final Fantasy II I haven’t played since flying home from San Jose after Christmas. I need to get back to it and beat it, since I have III, IV, V, and VI sitting unplayed and I feel like they’re important parts of culture I should really see through.

Bought Geist for 10 bucks and quite like the possession mechanic. Played through until I got to a guy with a shield who killed me twice, then I looked up the strategy for how to beat him but haven’t gone back to try it out.

Have the PS2 Vampire collection sitting largely unplayed. That’s five games full of Felicia goodness right there.

Also have Chu~kana Janshi Tenho pai-nyan sitting on the shelf taunting me. I’m a sucker for mahjong games and Kenichi Sonoda. I played it until I beat the first opponent to try it out, then…

My Hoi-hoi san is horribly overlooked, too – I finally managed to save up enough to get her a decent sword and revolver, so she kicks all kinds of insect arse now, but apart from being booted occasionally to show friends how cool she is, she’s been sitting unused for months.

There’s a message here. It’s “I buy too many videogames” – but how can I help it? They’re so shiny…

ps. Wait! I lie – I did finish another game recently.  Granted, it was the pack-in game that came with the PSP I bought in Akihabara last AUGUST, but I did finish LocoRoco, and it was a mighty satisfying ending.  Those last couple of levels you roll through are quite a shock, difficulty-wise, compared to everything that came before them.

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