14 Years Blog

Big anniversary today.  Not, admittedly, as big as the 10th anniversary which Nintendo celebrated by releasing an entirely new console and a pretty decent Elder Scrolls knockoff, but still a day to commemorate.  I did so by walking to the local mom & pop sandwich shop and getting a turkey sub with some potato salad on the side.

Which is possibly the whitest lunch combination ever, in many ways.

Since getting the platinum in Dark Souls II a couple weeks back, I really haven’t been playing many games.  When there’s a new event in Love Live! School Idol Festival, I boot that up and play it enough to get the event UR and SSR, and a side effect of that is that I managed to finally finish the last “collection” goal.  That’s not too notable to anyone who doesn’t know how much goddamn grinding it takes to get six-hundred-and-fifty-freaking-cards to max level, though.

It’s a lot.

I’ve also been playing The Medium, though I haven’t upgraded to a Series X yet so I’m playing it on my Windows laptop, which was – I thought – a fairly powerful piece of kit.

The Medium is putting that to the test in a lot of ways, so I’m going to fall back on blaming the game for not being very optimized for current PCs.  It will probably look gorgeous  in five years or so.  If anyone can actually buy a new GPU in the next five years.

Even at 1080p and – no joke intended – medium settings, it’s a decent looking game, and if you have Gamepass Ultimate there’s no reason not to give it a spin for free.

The funny thing for me has been that I associate Eastern European developers – and Bloober is from that big swath of “used to be part of the USSR” countries – with Hidden Object games, which The Medium is objectively NOT… until it’s asking me to go and find a screwdriver that I can use in place of a door’s handle so I can open the door so I can get to the dumpster behind the door and use it to climb up on a ledge so I can get through a broken window.  That’s pretty much a sequence that could be taken from any Artifex Mundi game ever.

Later in the game, I had to follow instructions on a note to assemble a photo developing station and then develop a photo at it.  I present this factoid without further editorial comment.

Anyway, happy fourteenth birthday to Baud Attitude.  Next year is going to be the big fifteen, which coincidentally is the age I was when I thought that “Baud Attitude” was a cool nerd pun.

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