I cleared my backlog. (Now what?)

OK, it took a global pandemic AND admitting that I owned dozens-if-not-hundreds of games that I needed to put on the metaphorical “never going to play this” pile, but I finally achieved this:

If it weren’t for Backloggery, I doubt I ever would have pulled this off.  Apparently I joined ELEVEN years ago, just a couple of years after starting this blog, and I have been slowly chipping away ever since, admittedly with a ton of backsliding along the way when I couldn’t resist Steam sales or the allure of new console releases.

For the record, the last game I played was “Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon” which I absolutely should have played before playing Tokyo Mirage Sessions.  Told myself I wasn’t going to reset even if I lost characters.  Caved on that vow a couple of times because Caeda just kept eating arrows and I was bound and determined to get her to the end credits.  Lost, like, 8 dudes in total before getting to the end.  Did not like the way the WiiU virtual console presents DS games.  Would really have preferred playing it on my 3DS, but Nintendo gonna Nintendo.

Good game anyway.

In addition to the nice progress bars, I accumulated a handful of badges:



Now, I’m really not sure what to do next.  The tagline of this blog has been “A blog, mostly about video games, written by someone who is frankly rubbish at video games” for so long that I barely remember a time before that.

I might not even be rubbish at video games any more.  I probably am.  LEAVE ME MY ILLUSIONS.  I PLAY SOULS GAMES, even if it is just by grinding until I am hopelessly over leveled for the content.

I’m thinking about working on some video content, if I can get over being crazy levels of camera shy.  I think the Internet absolutely needs to hear from a dumpy, middle-aged guy nerding out over anime.  I also have a book-in-progress that has been stuck at “I finished the outline and wrote about 10k words” status since, uh…


Oh dear.  It HAS been that long.

Maybe I should just start an MMO and work on really moulding myself into the shape of my computer chair.  That sounds like a life goal I can achieve.


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2 Responses to I cleared my backlog. (Now what?)

  1. Geddy says:

    Congrats on clearing the backlog! Truly the enemy of gaming if you ask me. You’ve done what most never will! 😀

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  2. baudattitude says:

    Thanks very much 🙂 It is very weird how much pressure I let myself feel about owning so many games that I hadn’t played, and it turned out that it is very possible to blur the lines between “I’m playing this because it’s fun! This is entertainment!” and “This feels like a job!”

    That is like the first worldiest of first world problems when I put it like that, huh.

    Now I just need to not buy anything new unless I am literally going to start playing it five minutes after the download finishes. 🙂


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