It turned out that, when I stopped playing Bloodborne last night, I was literally at the last lamp before Orphan of Kos and had unlocked the elevator shortcut to get to him.  He was also one of the two bosses in the expansion that I killed on the first go, so let’s hear it for being over-leveled.

Laurence, the First Vicar – the optional boss – was a) less of a pushover and b) had a really annoying run back to his room, so I was getting a little more frustrated than usual by the time he ate floor.  He was super easy to get down to, mmm, about 25% of his life – and I managed that on the very first try, and was prematurely patting myself on the back – which is about the point where he goes into full-on beast mode.

This kills the hunter.

After that, though, there was just a little running around to do to pick up the few weapons I’d missed along the way and I was done.

The sorta-sad thing about the trophies (both in the base game and its expansion) that centered around collecting weapons was that I was collecting them, yes, but hardly ever using any of them.  I had upgraded the Hunter’s Axe – the very first weapon I was handed upon starting the game – up to the limit of what it could be upgraded to, and I was just so used to its move set and general punchiness that I never really felt like switching to anything else.

I understand that what I’m SUPPOSED to do now is turn around and restart the game and choose an entirely different build and do it all over again as, oh, maybe a skill-and-bloodtinge-based gunslinger.  I also would like to stay married, so I think it’s best to put Bloodborne on the shelf and wistfully think about sequels.

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