I Read The News Today, Oh Boy

Couple of articles on the Don’t Call It Gawker network that I felt the need to mention.

First, this bit talking about the end of support for 32-bit iOS apps as of iOS 11, whenever that comes out.  This is going to be a nightmare.  I have a ton of Japanese grammar and dictionary applications that I have been using for years that haven’t been updated in all of that time.  My go-to dictionary app, thank heavens, HAS gotten some 64-bit love, I think, but I don’t even know if there’s a way to test apps to find out if they’re going to work if I update my phone past a certain point.

I have an iPad3 that can’t upgrade past iOS 9.something and it will likely be my go-to for the foreseeable future.  Normally I’m on the side of Apple’s planned obsolescence strategy, but this is going to hurt a lot of people who will only find out that they’ve screwed themselves over by upgrading after the fact.

Second, and terrifying in a much more interesting way, Koei Tecmo is apparently making special VR pods with touch, scent, and motion features to complement PS VR helmets.  Arcade-only, obviously, you won’t be wheeling one of these into your living room unless you are filthy rich and if you are filthy rich and reading this blog, let me say HI NEW BEST FRIEND LET’S RIDE BIKES.

Tecmo makes the Fatal Frame games, and a few years ago I got to experience their little “sit in a pod while you watch a 3D Fatal Frame movie while we blow puffs of air at you and shake your seat around” experience.  It was pretty neat considering the tech of the time.

A full-on VR Fatal Frame experience?  I will be on the first plane to Tokyo and will probably need to bring a change of pants.

Well, obviously, I’d be packing for a trip so there would be a few pairs of pants in the suitcase.  BUT IT’S A FIGURE OF SPEECH.  YOU GET MY MEANING.

Fortunately for my frequent flier mileage balance, no such game has been announced… yet.  I’m not going to make the trip for the horse racing simulator, I tell you that right now.  I really don’t want to know what smells they have for that one.



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1 Response to I Read The News Today, Oh Boy

  1. Full on VR horror. I swear I’d feel something when there’s nothing there constantly.


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