I Kept Waiting For The Shark


Right, then.  Something a little different from the norm to talk about tonight.

“One Last Chance” is a bit of an odd duck as visual novels go.  It’s originally in English, features voice acting, has characters who are actually in their late 20s as opposed to still in school, and has a plot line revolving around trying to land a contract to sell pipe to a construction company.  It’s also set in Martha’s Vineyard, and all I know about Martha’s Vineyard is that it’s where “Jaws” was set so I kept waiting for someone to get eaten.

Oh, and there’s absolutely no nudity, no skimpy outfits, no prurient aspects of any sort.  You can play this one in public without the slightest shame.

I will allow myself to be just a little snarky at this point and say that the thing that REALLY sets it apart from your average English-language VN is that the artist appears to know how to actually draw; there’s no “so… you bought a couple of How To Draw Manga books, huh?” sensation about it.

To sum it up; you’re trying desperately to save your company by landing a contract, and you run into your high school crush.  Complications ensue, and this is where the characters being a little older is a nice touch because the complications are actually significant.

You’ll hit your first ending in probably 45 minutes or so, then maybe take a look at the achievements and try to get the other five endings.  This is where things go a LITTLE south because the “Skip” feature is very poorly implemented – it keeps the fast-forward on even after you make a choice, rather than reverting to normal speed.  You need to get good about turning off skip mode before you hit choices if you want to actually read the changed dialogue, and it feels a bit clumsy.

It also doesn’t have a way to go full-screen, at least not on a Mac.  You can drag the window to be bigger, but you’re still going to see the dock and menu bar.

So, it’s a super short VN with some rough edges to the presentation and a little bit of a pain to replay for different endings.  Fortunately, it was also only a buck on Steam during the last sale, and that makes it really hard to complain.  Hopefully the developer does well enough to put out future VNs, because this one had a lot of promise.

(And maybe there will be a shark in the next one)

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