It’s Over, Burn It All Down

I try to limit the number of message boards that I maintain posting accounts on, because history has shown that I am not able to maintain a level head when it comes to arguing on the internet.

Basically, I am this guy.

This is particularly important when it comes to NeoGAF, because it takes months to get your account verified in the first place and then I would blow it and get banned in the first day.  I read it primarily because it is full of teens-and-twenty-somethings raging against the unfairness of the world, and I revel in their confrontations with cold, uncaring reality.

Also it alerts me to sales and the like.  But mostly it’s the watching the millennial train-wreck that keeps drawing me back.

Hey, I have a good decade before I can sit on my porch with a dog and shout at kids to get off my lawn.  Also I need a porch.  I do have a lawn, at least.

But I digress.

Anyway, while it’s normally good fun, there are times when even I can no longer harvest joy from the misfortune of others, when I simply have to look at the world and sink into a fugue of despair for the future.

I need to share one of these with you now.


Now, I’m not a Car Guy by any means.  When I go to do anything – change a headlamp, refill fluids, really any basic car maintenance – I spend a few minutes with the manual or watching YouTube videos, because I’m convinced that anything I do has the real potential to make the car explode.  I blame it on growing up on a steady diet of ’70s cop dramas.

But even I can put on a bloody spare.


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