WoW: Legion, some early thoughts:


After completing my Artifact weapon quest the other night, I wasn’t really feeling in the mood to dive straight into questing, so I went and cleared out a few old raid zones instead.  Wrath of the Lich King’s Icecrown Citadel was particularly neat and I look forward to trying it again on Heroic while I try to finish the meta-achievement for the mount.  Likewise, Ulduar was a fun zone after getting past the first boss fight, and it turns out that I can skip that event in future if I decide to go back and try for the 1.3% chance mount drop.

Karazhan was… less fun, though mostly because I didn’t do it Back In The Day and I spent most of the time getting lost before hitting the chess event and being stymied.  Sadly, there’s no way to faceroll that at 100.

So, after spending a night beating down old 25-man raids, tonight was when I decided to start Legion’s single-player questing content in earnest.


I mean, obviously it will get better as I gear up, but I went in with an equipment level of barely over 640 which makes one-on-one fights against overland quest mobs into drawn out affairs – and if I pull three or so by mistake, it takes a significant effort to stay alive.

And, lest there be any confusion here, I’m loving it.

It’s an awful lot of Kill Ten Rats, Only The Rats Are Eight-Foot-Tall Demons, but there’s no snoozing through the fights.  I got up to level 102 through solo questing, managed to get my equipment level to 682 in the process, queued for a random dungeon (Halls of Valor is where I got put), and once again got smacked silly by a challenge level I simply wasn’t expecting.  We made it through the instance with no wipes and not many deaths, I got a couple of upgrades, and it felt like I’d actually learned how to heal over the last few weeks.

If it starts getting to me, expect some rants here about how-are-mere-mortals-supposed-to-do-this, but for now there will be none of that.

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