WoW: Level 60, Time For Raids!

So, I had planned to try out WoW’s LFR tool to see if anyone still ran the old classic raids.

It turns out that, well, even if anyone DOES still run these at level, the LFR tool isn’t available until level 85.  So that was a plan squashed before it even got started.

Fortunately, my wife has a bunch of level 100+ characters and – being basically a saint – didn’t object too much to spending most of her afternoon dragging me through them.







I also cleared one or two new instances.  I haven’t started on WoW’s hard-mode “Heroic” dungeons yet, so these are pretty much just a matter of trying to keep up with the madman trying to pull half of the dungeon at once and tangentially trying not to die myself.

Usually I succeed!

Sometimes, not so much.

Nobody has threatened to kick me out yet, so either I’m managing to disguise my newbieness or nobody wants to wait for a replacement healer.  Probably mostly that second one.






Finally, I gave in to vanity and elected to spend Blizzard’s ridiculous fee to race-change my gnome priest into a space goat draenai. Normally in MMOs I pick the tiniest and cutest race, but I got more than a little tired of losing my character on the screen.

Also, this way when I get a new outfit I can actually SEE it.  Gnomes are just a little too tiny.

Ended the day at level 66, with basically all-new gear and about twice as tall as I’d started.  A pretty good day by any MMO standards.

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