WoW: Tanks Are Morons Edition

OK, not ALL tanks.

Had a couple of groups in a row where the yahoo pulling the dungeon appeared to have no concept of casting times, heal ranges, or line-of-sight issues.   Made it through both eventually anyway, though at least one of them involved the group voting to kick the tank out and then one of the dps classes switching to a tanky spec to finish the instance up.

Once I hit level 67, I had a ton of new instances open up and realized that I was super close to leveling past the expansion without even having done all of its dungeons, so I started queuing for specific dungeons, forgoing the random dungeon bonuses, and wound up finishing up every non-heroic instance with a sliver of experience left in level 69.








One more pass through a Burning Crusade dungeon was enough to push me over the edge…


…and I immediately got to equip a ton of the gear I’d been hoovering along the way.


Check out those shoulder pads.  They bounce when I run, it’s quite hypnotic.

Anyway, it’s time to start the whole loot treadmill again with Wrath of the Lich King.  I’ll be running those dungeons to level 80, and I’m off to a good start with my first.


Ironically enough, this was a dungeon where the tank gave me this super condescending speech about how he was going to be Pulling Big and my Only Job was to spam heal and he didn’t want to see me casting anything else… and then he proceeded to pull through the dungeon 3 and 4 mobs at a time.  Per instructions, I cheerfully spammed my biggest heal constantly even with him at full health.

If he noticed, he didn’t say anything.

I’d like to go back and hit up the Heroic versions of the Burning Crusade dungeons, but that’s going to depend on whether or not people even queue for those anymore.  I may get a couple of levels under my belt before I do that, though.

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