WoW: Day Three

So Day One of WoW was getting a new character up to level 15 so I could run instanced dungeons, Day Two was spent burning through dungeon after dungeon and getting a handle on How To Heal And How To Keep Up With The Idiot Tank, and Day Three has been more instanced dungeons and dabbling with PVP.

So, five more dungeons down:


I also tried my hand at one of the battlegrounds, WoW’s instanced PVP arenas.  I quite liked them in Rift, and I am happy to report that the WoW battleground scene seems very similar.

Other players are very happy to offer useful strategy tips:


…and encouraging words, even when things aren’t going our team’s way:


Anyway, it was a pretty good day and I reached another milestone.


Only 70 more levels to go!

As a side note, I did days one and two on a gaming PC before remembering that the game has a Mac version, so I moved over to my 21″ iMac to see how it would run.  I don’t have a particularly high-spec Mac – it’s got an i5 and Iris 6200 graphics – but it performs pretty well regardless and it sucks a ton less electricity than the gaming PC, so iMac it is.

The default Mac keyboard is awful for gaming, though.  Thankfully I have a ton of random keyboards around.


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2 Responses to WoW: Day Three

  1. Scarlet Monastery was always one of my favourites. The different wings were quite inventive!


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