Bro, Do You Even BlueBro?

So, there are a couple of different Covenants in Dark Souls III that revolve around helping other people.  The Warriors of Sunlight (“SunBros”), as previously mentioned, hang out near boss fights to lend a hand if needed.  I started off as a SunBro and have gotten enough of the covenant rewards so that I’ll be able to get max rank in the covenant as soon as I find the dang altar to hand them all in at.

Then I met an NPC who inducted me into the Blue Sentinels.  This is a Covenant where, once you’ve joined it, you will be occasionally plucked out of whatever you’re doing and plopped down in another player’s game for the purpose of defending them from a PvP invasion.  You are a bright blue phantom while in the other player’s game, hence “BlueBro”.

I’m not actually very good at PvP, and I can’t say that I was ever a GREAT help to any of the people whose games I got summoned into, but I like to hope that I was at least a helpful distraction at times.

If I’m honest… it did wear after a while.  Once the novelty wore off it actually got to be a little jarring constantly being yanked out of my own game and dropped into whichever area I was needed in.  Still, I stuck with it for long enough – and was present for enough successful defenses – to get the top rank in that covenant as well.


Ironically, neither covenant gives me any real game benefits.  Their top-rank rewards are Miracles, which are Dark Souls’ faith-based spells, and I’m playing an all-Int sorcerer.  Still, sense of satisfaction and accomplishment and all that.

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4 Responses to Bro, Do You Even BlueBro?

  1. I went Sunbro, but I mostly ignored the covenants this time around. How far into the game are you now?


    • baudattitude says:

      Just got into Irithyll after a detour to Smoldering Lake. I think that’s maybe halfway? I’ve only killed one of the Lords of Cinder though.

      Loving Irithyll so far. The big guys with the curved swords were absolutely wrecking me until I realized that Hidden Body allows me to Soul Arrow them to death more-or-less risk-free. I’d feel cheap about it but my philosophy is that there is no wrong way to kill something in Souls games. 🙂

      I understand I have Anor Londo coming up real soon and I really can’t express how much I’m looking forward to it. Loved that place in DS1, evil archers and all.


      • I was so excited to come across Anor Londo! I feel sad that you’ve had that discovery spoiled for you :p. You’ve got some really good areas to come though. Make sure you find the Consumed King’s Garden!

        I went for something of a tank build, so the Irithyll knights (for want of a better name) were a real pain for me.


  2. baudattitude says:

    Turns out they’re “Pontiff Knights” or at least they drop Pontiff Knight armor.

    And they are really bad at detecting stealthed characters.

    This is my first int-heavy character and it was a real slog getting up to levels where I felt effective. I was in Smoldering Lake with 45 int but 13 vigor, I died whenever something so much as sneezed at me.

    I will make sure to explore 🙂 I am used to waiting for games to hit the $20 mark so if I’m going to pay full price I am going to get as much out of it as possible! (It helps that it’s a good game, of course)


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