That makes four for 2016

This is almost starting to become a habit.


Mind you, I have been sticking to platinum trophies for games that (a) I quite like and that (b) are on the easy side.  There are a ton of games that have straight-up insane trophies, and I will be leaving those lie.

Because the Remastered version of Gravity Rush came with all the Vita DLC content, I still have a few – probably four or so – story missions to knock out before putting this on the shelf.  Still, this is a pretty good feeling, both because (a) it’s a pretty neat game and I’ve really enjoyed playing it on the big screen and (b) because the PS4 has actually been getting some decent use of late.  I pre-ordered the thing roughly 5 minutes after the Big E3 reveal, but it spent most of its first couple of years waiting for games to play on it.


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