Is The Order a Werewolf?

theorder1886boxWhen you can buy a high-budget, heavily marketed game for 9 bucks less than a year after it comes out, it’s a pretty good sign that it absolutely failed to meet expectations.

Usually, it’s the sort of ignominy reserved for games that just plain don’t work, or multiplayer-only games that failed to built enough of a community to sustain momentum past the next big multiplayer release.

Not that I’m pointing fingers at Titanfall, here, or anything.

The Order: 1886 isn’t broken and doesn’t have a multiplayer community to fizzle out. It’s also gorgeous, the sort of thing you could show off to a friend to demonstrate that, yes, your purchase of a new console WAS justified. The bits where you are ducking from cover to cover, fighting off waves of soldiers with an assortment of steampunk-themed weaponry, or sneaking through gardens trying to take out wandering sentries without being spotted, these bits are quite a bit of fun.

In between these bits, though, is an awful lot of walking slowly from point to point, some not-terribly-inspired clambering over rooftops, and frequent QTEs of the “press X to not die” variety.

There are several different KINDS of QTEs, at least. There are ones where you must press a button once, some where you press and HOLD a button while a progress bar fills, a few where you must mash a button repeatedly, and even some where a small indicator appears on screen and you need to move the camera to highlight it to reveal the button you need to press.

Oh, and there’s another form of QTE used for both boss fights, where you must move the right stick at the correct time to dodge enemy attacks before retaliating. It’s VERY Dragon’s Lair.

There are also two minigames for opening locks. Each of them is used once as a tutorial, and then four more times during the course of the game. I’m not sure why I felt compelled to count them, except that they stood out as “we could have asked you to hold down the triangle button here, but we thought we’d shake things up a little” moments.

In its defense, however, it’s a game about hunting werewolves in Alternate History London with lightning guns made by Nikola Tesla, and how cool is that? It’s a little hard to be entirely negative about it, even if it sort of feels like a six-hour-long movie you occasionally need to interact with to keep the story going.

For the price, it was a pretty neat movie.

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