More gushing about Splatoon

I’ve been playing at least 90 minutes of Splatoon every night for the last week, and I really can’t say enough nice things about it.  I’ve gotten up to level 12 in the multiplayer, finished the first two sets of single-player levels and started on the third, and even done a few of the Inkling Girl Amiibo challenges.  I’m a bit behind the curve of the hardcore – I see quite a few level 20s in matches these days – and I haven’t even touched the ranked mode, but I don’t feel compelled to rush.

As a fan of lame jokes, I’m in love with the announcers who pop in every two hours to let you know what maps are currently in rotation.

Splatoon Screenshot Squid Sisters

…even if the puns occasionally hurt.

Splatoon Screenshot Squid Sisters

I also found out that, if you go up to the windows of the studio where they hang out between news broadcasts and look in, they eventually notice you and wave.

Splatoon Screenshot Squid Sisters Waving

I need a high-res cleaned up version of this for desktop wallpaper.  Seriously, want now.


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