Welp, liberated France.

After three play sessions, I wrapped up Call of Duty 3 tonight.

It did have a few less-than-stellar moments scattered throughout.  Treyarch felt compelled, for some reason, to put little QTE segments in when you were doing stuff like placing explosive charges, and they got pretty tedious after the first couple.  The later levels also featured a LOT of moments where I was waiting for someone to come over and kick open a door so I could walk through it, which is one of my pet peeves when it comes to games.

Even with that, I don’t mind saying that it wound up being one of my favorite entries in the series.  Recent CODs have focused heavily on the player being part of some Super Elite Special One Man Army Ninja Warrior Force, saving the world from nuclear annihilation or what not, and that’s cool and all I guess, but I kind of liked being Just Another Grunt, with a bunch of other grunts around me, trying to push the Germans out of France.

I’m not saying that I don’t have CODBLOPS3: Now With Even More Futuristic Guns on my wishlist for later this year, because I did like the stuff they did with the 20-minutes-into-the-future stuff in both BLOPS2 and Advanced Warfare, but sometimes it’s nice to just pick up a M1 Garand and help a Nazi take his helmet off.

I don’t have many 360 games left on the backlog, so I may focus on wrapping that system instead of jumping right into CoD1.  Between Splatoon matches, of course.


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