I’ll feel guilty about this once I stop giggling.

Occasionally, I find a move in a fighting game or brawler that is so insanely silly that I can’t help but try to use it at every opportunity, even if it makes little to no sense.

For example, in the second “Darkstalkers” game, there’s a Yeti character.  He has a special move where he swallows his opponent, chews a couple of times, and spits them out.  I am very bad at pulling this move off, but I can not help occasionally putting in the disc and trying to beat computer opponents by doing nothing but eating them.

I have found, in Dead or Alive 5, the latest move to make me giggle – and, true to form, I’ve been trying to use it in online matches, failing miserably, and usually getting locked into a long stun / juggle combo that winds up with me crying on the floor in defeat.

Basically, Marie Rose can, if you roll towards your opponent AND chain it into a throw at just the right time, AND he or she doesn’t swat you away like a fly, you jump onto them, wrap her legs around his or her waist, and use their chest like a pair of speed bags.

This motivated me to make another animated gif to highlight the insanity:


Side note: DoA may get a lot of flack for focusing on bounce and jiggle simulation, but that is some surprisingly neat hair physics.

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1 Response to I’ll feel guilty about this once I stop giggling.

  1. Karl Weller says:

    You don’t often see that kind of fighting outside a bar on a Saturday night?! Very rare technique that. Not even going to acknowledge that you have a woman wrapping her legs around another female. Nope. Not at all.


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