I Bought This Game for the Plot

Lot of Dead or Alive posts recently, sorry about that.

I could talk about The Familiar of Zero instead, since that’s the show I’m currently using as a distraction from spending 90 minutes a day on the exercise bike. I don’t know if I’d ever sit down and binge on it, but I’m a fan of the comedic light-fantasy genre and it features Kugimiya Rie getting her tsundere on. If I had any complaints, it’d be that it tends to go a little heavy on the panty gags and that the main male character is changed to pump up the lech factor between seasons 1 and 2.

That wasn’t a lot of words. So, back to Dead or Alive.

I haven’t been doing any more online matches yet, because I decided that I’d sit down and play through the story mode. It’s something of a novelty to me to have a fighting game with a story mode, to be honest – I’m used to the old-school thing where you pick a character, they fight between 8 and 12 other characters including a hopelessly cheap final boss, and then you get a single screen which explains how winning this fighting tournament has helped them grow as a person.

Dead or Alive 5’s story mode, by contrast, is 71 chapters, some of which are just cutscenes but most of which feature at least a couple of fights, and it took a solid hunk of time over three nights to finish. It’s an interleaved story, where the main story deals with the wacky ninja family fighting the Big Bad of the series and trying to foil his attempt to, once again, take over the world by cloning Kasumi and making an army of unstoppable ninja warrior assassins. The rest of it is all about the characters who are NOT part of the wacky ninja family (and, thus, generally secondary to the actual plot) as they enter the most recent iteration of the Dead or Alive tournament for a variety of personal reasons. I mostly tried to ignore the tournament bits, to be honest, because I can only stomach SO much “I wanna be the strongest in the world!” and “I wish Hayate-sempai would notice me!” before I want to turn the console off.

The wacky ninja family bits were OK. There’s one particular bit which I won’t spoil but which features Ayane getting out a good 17-years-worth of frustrations re: her half sister, so Ayane fans will probably get extra enjoyment from it.

During all of this, you spend an AWFUL lot of time playing as the male characters, which was a novelty. Not a particularly welcome novelty, mind you, because it’s very weird when you’re used to picking the smallest, fastest characters in any fighting game and suddenly you’re made to play the lumbering brutes.

Still, I guess Team Ninja puts guys in the game and wants to make it so they’re not completely ignored, and making those characters a mandatory part of the story mode accomplishes that.

Oh, and it does have a fantastically cheap final boss, so that part is true to form.

Next up, I’m going to take a crack at some of the tutorials and try to get some online time in this weekend.

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