Well, that was unexpectedly brutal


It turns out that playing through DoA: Dimension’s tutorial has boosted my confidence enough that I’ve decided that I’m actually going to try playing a fighting game online, and I had a bunch of PSN credit left in my Japanese account so I bought DoA5: Last Round and I’ve been trying to pick a character to play as.

I usually like playing Kasumi, because, well, really fast and a huge reach and all that, but she’s also part of the F2P set of fighters so I figure there are going to be about a zillion Kasumis out there.

Instead, I figured I’d practice some with Marie Rose, under the assumption that people might actually hesitate to go TOO hard on a super-cute little girl character.  Anyway, it seemed to work when I tried playing Tera on a PVP server a few years ago – I was actively trying to get ganked and instead got left mostly alone until the point at which I logged off in disgust.

But I digress.

Anyway, so I was playing as Marie Rose against random opponents when I had this fight with an surprisingly vicious ending.  Keep in mind that Christie here, my opponent, is an internationally-feared trained killer and Marie Rose is, well, a maidservant.  I’m going to blame the school swimsuit on having had random costumes on, it’s a little too fetishy for me.

It’s the crunchy sound of the neck snapping that really makes the entire thing just that much more cringeworthy.

Oh, as a follow up: Did go online and look for matches.  Surprisingly hard to get a match, eventually wound up losing 2 and winning 1 which I am going to chalk up to an amazing spot of luck.

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