Couch potato progress

I’ve been watching quite a lot of anime lately. This shouldn’t, in itself, be all THAT surprising – I got sucked down that particular rabbit hole back in 1990, a major concern when plotting a move is “how do I deal with all of these DVDs?”, and my home office is decorated in Maid.

Thing is, though, I’m not often in the mood to just sit down and watch something, as opposed to playing a game, so I very rarely commit to sitting on the couch for the 6-to-12 hours it takes to watch a series. So… I have a ton of DVDs to WATCH, which makes it even harder to decide what I want to watch and the whole thing gets sort of circular at that point.

On the other hand, I’ve been doing an awful lot of time on our exercise bike in the last couple of months – as much as two hours a day. Result: Plenty of time where I can’t do anything EXCEPT watch stuff.

At first, I went on a bit of a nostalgia kick, so I watched all of the Bubblegum Crisis and Crash OVAs, the AD Police OVA series and Gunsmith Cats.

Then I went for stuff I hadn’t seen before. I’ve gotten through all of Android Ana Maico 2010, Wandering Son, The Enemy’s The Pirates, Noir, and Infinite Ryvius. I made a little detour into british sci-fi for Day of the Triffids and my wife and I have been working through “Sanctuary” wherein Captain Carter from “Stargate” inexplicably has a British accent.

I’ve had a couple of false starts – Azumanga Daioh, while an excellent show, just wasn’t keeping the pedals turning and I need to track down a new version of Lyrical Nanoha because the quality of the one I had was pretty bad and I gave up on it after four episodes. I was also having some troubling getting into Working!! (Which is, yes, the sequel to Working!) which was quite odd as Working! was a personal favorite.

I haven’t done anything insane like tackling an entire Takahashi series. That way lies madness.

I am working through the mid-90s Studio Pierrot catgirl-cop series “Hyper Police” right now and it’s proving to be silly fun. I remember trying to watch it a few years ago and giving up on it as being just TOO goofy, but it is precisely what I need after the back-to-back angst fests of Noir and Infinite Ryvius.

So I’m getting exercise in AND getting titles off my “watch this someday” list all at once. It’s been a pretty good couple of months.

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