Strange New Worlds

As a geek with a heck of an investment in the Apple “Ecosystem”, it was a rather odd feeling to walk into the AT&T store this week, flush with the excitement of finally being free of my most recent two-year contract, and NOT walk out with a brand-new iPhone 5.

I just couldn’t do it – I looked at it, weighed it in my hand, and couldn’t escape the feeling of “meh” that comes from “this does everything your old phone did, but has an extra row of icons!”

In a way, this is Apple’s own doing. Since I bought an iPad last year, I really haven’t been using my phone for anything other than email, web browsing and social apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Oh, okay, and Miku Flick.

With that in mind, I actually started looking at what else was on offer, and wound up going home with a Nokia Lumia 920, a windows 8 phone.

I will be generous here, and say that this really is the TurboGrafx of phones – neat hardware, very little software and an anemic ecosystem – but I’ve always had a soft spot for the quirky ones.

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