Nowhere near Tomobiki-cho

Back in the mid 90s, I was driving through Washington with my wife.  It was actually our honeymoon trip, and we were a couple of geeks who had just been given a bunch of gift certificates and cash, so we were stopping at pretty much every toy store we passed looking for Cool Stuff.

Anyway, at one point, we drove down Lum Road, and I thought that was a pretty neat name for a street but didn’t have a camera with me and neglected to note where we’d been at the time.

It’s been one of those things floating around in my head since.

To drag out my word count a little bit more, I took a couple of days off this last week and drove up to Seattle to go to the Kinokuniya bookstore and Uwajimaya and Daiso and all sorts of cool places we don’t have where I’m living now.  I also took the opportunity to spend the evening with an old friend that I hadn’t seen in about 8 years.

It was an excellent trip.

While I was driving south afterwards, I had a crazy notion.  What would happen, I wondered, if I entered “Lum Road” into my iPhone and told it to look for places nearby?

For the record: It’s in Centralia, Washington.  Sadly, though it’s out in an industrial district, I don’t think there are actually any electrical substations nearby which is a dreadful pity.


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