Frilly, fluffy, bouncy pain

One of the better anime programs I caught up with in the last year was Mahoromatic.  Sure, it was 20-odd episodes of fan service and goofy plots followed by an bizarre ending, but it had likable characters and, for lack of a better word, heart.

Because of that, I figured I’d give Gainax’s Other Maid Anime, “He Is My Master”, a try.

The set up is, and you’ll have to forgive me because this next bit is spoiler heavy for the first couple-three episodes:  Two sisters, forced to run away from home because their parents are trying to take away their pet alligator, wind up employed as live-in housekeepers in the mansion of a recently orphaned, fantastically wealthy teenage costume fetishist – think of a combination of the lechery of an Ataru with the ego and wealth of a Mendou –  then wind up heavily in debt and unable to leave when their pet alligator basically tears the place apart on the first day.  They’re joined by a third girl from their local school who has a crush on the older sister.  Wacky hijinks ensue.

After the first couple of episodes, I was thinking, well, this is pretty painful but it’ll all come right in the end when their employer/tormentor has a change of heart and Becomes a Better Person.

After the last set of credits rolled, I was still waiting for the bit where that happened.

I may have set my expectations a little high.

I think Mahoro can review this entire series in one line:


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