Five by Five

There was a weird little period – basically, the first four months of 2008 – where whoever’s responsible for selecting which titles get put up on Xbox Live Arcade actually got some taste.

Between January and April of that year, they released Omega Five, Rez HD, Trigger Heart Exelica and Ikaruga. I went through quite a few Microsoft points.

The first of those, Omega Five, is a plot-free explosion-heavy side scrolling twin-stick shooter.

It’s pretty neat.  It gets criticized for being a short game, but I compensate for that by being terrible at shooters.

I bought it in March of 2008, played it a bit, got pretty good at it by my standards – which is to say, I got to the point where I could get halfway through the game before I died.  That doesn’t mean that I ever finished it, mind you, because I would get to the final level and just get creamed.  That’s where I left it, until today.

See, it turns out that, after finishing Eternal Sonata, I only had one Xbox 360 game still sitting on my “unbeaten” pile.  Obviously, in this case, a virtual “pile”, being as the game is an XBLA title, but still a pile of sorts.  Well, I guess if there’s only one thing on it, it’s not a pile.  Huh.  Metaphor needs work.

Still, I had one Xbox 360 game to play, damnit, and I was going to beat it if it killed me.

So, throwing aside pride, I went to the internet to see if I could land some play tips.  The first site I found offered the most valuable play tip of all, as follows:

“Play for 5 hours and you unlock unlimited continues.”

Well, unlimited continues sounded good to me, but I needed to do some playing to get up to that point, so I loaded up Omega Five and started making with the shooting of mans.

It came as quite a shock to me when I managed to finish the game – with two continues left, even – before even unlocking the unlimited continues I’d been trying to achieve.

So, inasmuch as that means that I had to use five continues to win, I still kind of cheesed my way through the game.  On the other hand, I have just that tiny shred of pride that says “but at least I didn’t NEED unlimited continues!”

I guess I can unhook the 360 for a while.  I haven’t bought any new games for the system since Oneechanbara, after all – most games I either buy on the PC, where they’re cheaper, or on the PS3, which is quieter and more reliable.  I’d sort of like to play Halo Wars and ODST, but I can wait on those until they’re crowding up the budget bins.

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