More dead electronics.

There’s a Hole in Our Entertainment Center (Where Our DVD Player Used to Be) isn’t nearly as good of a country song title as the Xbox one, but I’m singing it today anyway.

See, a couple of years ago, we decided to replace the DVD/LD combo player that was starting to show its age with a modern DVD player.  I was also of the mind that, if we were going to do that, we should get something really solid and built to last, but also easily made region-free.

So we wound up with a Denon 2910, which was, well, about six times the cost of just walking into Fred Meyers and grabbing a cheap Sony unit off the shelf, but probably worth at least some of the premium, and because I we were dropping far too much money on a DVD player, we also dropped the 45 bucks on the 4 year extended warranty.

That decision turned out to be prescient this weekend – it’s not like the thing exploded into a ball of flame or anything, and it’s not like there were any problems with DVD playback, but it stopped playing CDs.

That’s a little simplified.  More accurately:

Occasionally, you’d put in a CD and the player would make a sad little whining noise and act like it didn’t have a disc inserted.  It was consistantly bad for some discs, whereas other discs played just fine, and it wasn’t a burned-vs-original issue because all the discs we were trying were original CDs.

My wife noticed the problem when she put in a TM Revolution CD and it failed, and then she tried several different TMR CDs and they all failed.

I put in a disc of Caramelldansen remixes, and that worked just fine, followed by a MOSAIC.WAV album that also worked.

It couldn’t play the Video Girl Ai soundtrack, though, so it’s not like it was just TMR albums for some weird reason.

Then I put in Def Leppard – Hysteria, and it couldn’t play THAT, and at that point it got disconnected from the entertainment center and hauled off to the retailer we bought it, and its service plan from, because frankly any player that can’t play Hysteria is not a working player.

So, they say they’ll have it fixed in two or three weeks, and in the meantime we have to make do with the three other things hooked up to the TV that can play DVDs.

That brings the “stuff that needed fixing this year” count to three – my camera, the Xbox360, now this.

It’s been a rough year for electronic gadgets around here.

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One Response to More dead electronics.

  1. shmelly says:

    Do yourself a favor, if you get it fixed, make sure that they make it so that still won’t play the Def L.


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