Sad consequences…

One of the things purged in last weekend’s organizational frenzy was a 24″ Toshiba TV.

It’s not that it was a particularly bad TV in any way, but it was, you know, a CRT TV, and big and heavy and all that – and since I got the Gateway monitor with all kinds of lovely analog inputs, kind of obsolete.

It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized the downside of getting rid of the last CRT TV in the apartment.

Virtua Cop, Virtua Cop 2, Area 51, Hakaider.  All of ’em light gun games, all of ’em 90% useless now that I don’t have a CRT around.  I mean, I could play them with the joypad, but that seems so… well, so very lame.

OK, so I really won’t miss Area 51 or Hakaider, but not being able to play Virtua Cop stings a bit.  Guess I’m going to have to find an actual arcade with a Virtua Cop 3 machine to hang out in.  Shame the only time I’ve actually SEEN a Virtua Cop 3 machine was on Odaiba, but I guess it’s possible that there’s one in Portland.

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