…but the stars have to align just so…

All my griping about not finishing games has had a productive side!

Saturday a friend came over and we finally finished Battlefront II in co-op mode. We’ve been playing through this game for several months now, doing a level or two every few weeks.

We’ve been at this long enough that we played up through the Tantive IV mission on my Xbox, then my wife and I bought an Xbox 360, then I played it through in single player mode again on the 360 so we could finish off the last couple of missions cooperatively on the new system with all the little graphical tweaks it adds. It is a better looking game when played on the 360, so I have to give Microsoft some credit there, and it was fun enough to play through basically twice, so Pandemic gets a big thumbs up for a fine experience.

That was one down.

Then I finally finished Geist this evening – the most workout our Gamecube has had in quite some time. It’s a nine “chapter” game and I went through chapters four through nine over the course of about twelve hours.

I could see being pretty disappointed with the length of it if I was a more hardcore type or if I’d paid $50 for it, but paying $9.99 for it AND actually finishing a game? I’m pretty happy with that combination. I missed a bunch of collectibles that I suppose I could go back for on a second round if I wanted to get more value for money, but those are mostly to unlock options for the multiplayer mode and I don’t see ever sitting down for a rousing four player game of Geist deathmatch.

If you a) have a Gamecube or wii and b) don’t already own Geist and c) can find it for a reasonable price, I think it’s worth the time invested. It’s a good mix of adventure style puzzle solving and FPS… though the last couple of levels do seem to focus a little heavily on the shootin’ side of things.

I’m almost inspired to sit down, take another game that hasn’t seen much love off the shelf, and try for 3 in a week… but that’s just plain madness.

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1 Response to …but the stars have to align just so…

  1. frogflinger says:

    We could restart Wild Arms… again…. Lemme know when you get through the three-path, one-character-for-each and you-won’t-know-til-the-very-top-if-you-picked-correctly tower. Oi. At least it wasn’t a mirror puzzle I guess…. 😉


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