Chrono Circle: I’m not obsessed, I swear.

So, I mentioned a couple of times last year that I had discovered an arcade rhythm game called Chrono Circle, that I had become quite fond of it, and that I had even spent some time grinding out the first Season Pass even though it was basically just unlocking a bunch of cosmetics that would theoretically become useless the moment the game went offline.

And all arcade rhythm games DO, eventually, go offline.  So grinding out a season pass is about the silliest thing you could ever do.

Grinding out EIGHT season passes in the time between those posts and today is just ridiculous.

Still, even after putting over two hundred play sessions into the game – the official website is very good at tracking your play statistics – I am having fun with it.  The music selection is large and full of energetic, happy tunes and the visuals and haptics do a fantastic job of making me forget that people might actually be watching me make a fool of myself playing.

That isn’t to say that I haven’t dabbled with other games.  The nearest Round 1 just added two “Music Diver” cabinets and I have sunk a few credits into those.  It’s a much more accessible game, and if the music selection wasn’t so dang limited I would probably be all distracted-boyfriend.  It’s got RAILGUN music in it, by God, and the opening song from Spy X Family.  Strong recommend.

Still, I keep coming back to Chrono Circle.  Despite grinding my way up the ranks to the point where the website says that I am in the top 3% of players, I spend most of my time with songs at “Hard” difficulty, because while I can generally pass “Experts” they just aren’t fun and Masters are impossible.  Hard is a nice balance between “working up a sweat” and “actually dying”.

And, speaking of working up a sweat, one other thing that keeps me coming back to Chrono Circle is that, while it’s not a dance game, it keeps me moving through the entire play session and my watch/fitness tracker LOVES me for it.  Like, it may be a bit silly to deliberately adjust my lifestyle in order to appease an eternally judgmental electronic minder, but when you think about it that’s the whole point of wearing a fitness tracker, right?

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