Hey, we’re getting some Fatal Frame this year after all.

Two things came out of Nintendo’s E3 presentation that I am extremely happy about.

First, more Rabbids.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle was one of my favorite games from the Switch’s launch year, and the sequel looks like a blast. It also means I should probably play Mario Galaxy since it looks like a lot of the gags are going to be making fun of that series.


Not only is Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water getting rescued from being confined to WiiU hardware, but it’s even coming to multiple systems. The graphics were intentionally a little low-fi on the original release, so it will probably look very similar regardless of where you’re buying it, but I will probably pick up the Series X release simply because I started with Fatal Frame back with the Xbox release of Crimson Butterfly.

It also raises the question, again, of who owns Fatal Frame. Obviously, Nintendo holds copyright on the ones they published for Koei Tecmo, including this one, and there’s a common wisdom saying that Nintendo is at least partial owner of the IP at this point, but the only legitimate sites I could find confirming that seem to link back to a blog post that doesn’t really give a source for its assertion, only that it is so.

It’s probably a moot point, since whether or not Nintendo owns the IP they have certainly been footing the bill for the last several releases, but it’s odd to see this one in particular go multiplatform.

With this, the last thing I personally would like to see brought forward to modern systems is the Splatoon 1 singleplayer mode. It wasn’t particularly deep, but it’s one of my favorite examples of a campaign that teaches you a bunch of systems and then hands you an absolutely marvelous boss as a sort of final exam.

There was some other stuff in the direct, but not much of it was particularly aimed at me so it didn’t really stick. The Breath of the Wild sequel got a vague date of “2022” which is also the year we’ve been told to expect Splatoon 3. My guess is that both of these are going to come alongside new hardware, whether that’s a DSi-style mid-generation spec bump or an entirely new console. Hopefully it will be backwards compatible.

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