Nintendo has come a long way

Got a reminder in my inbox earlier this week that “Prison Princess” was now available on the Switch, and I’m just tickled to see a mildly-pervy game spotlighted under a huge Mario header.

I don’t know much about this particular game, but what I’ve seen reminds me a little of the  “密室のサクリファイス” or “Hidden Room Sacrifice” series of PSP games where you had to solve puzzles to escape a room with the help of a cute girl who always needed to do a lot of crawling under things with some terribly inappropriate camera angles, and that was enough for me to put it on the wish list for “when it’s on sale”.

This game has TWO cute girls locked in a dungeon who you need to direct to solve puzzles, and yes it promises lots of crawling under things.

And they say video games aren’t art.


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4 Responses to Nintendo has come a long way

  1. Pete Davison says:

    Well now, it’s a jolly good job someone you know reviewed it, isn’t it?

    It’s fun! And also exactly what you predict above.


    • baudattitude says:

      Hey, and it’s even a reviewer I can trust! 🙂

      I’m not gonna lie, the “four hours long” you mention is a HUGE plus, especially with the incentive to play it straight the first time through and then play it again as a more mischievous ghost.

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      • Pete Davison says:

        Oh good! Yeah, short games can be just what the doctor ordered sometimes — particularly stuff like adventure games, which tend to work better if they don’t drag things out too long.


  2. AK says:

    It’s funny how Nintendo and Sony seem to have switched places as far as borderline erotic content goes. All this cements my opinion that if I’m going to only get one new system, it will be the Switch.

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