You may need to clear some time in your holiday schedule.

I try not to get TOO hyperbolic about any particular game, because I know that being too much of a fanboy can be super annoying to, well, everyone.

That said, I wanted to draw some special attention to the impending shutdown of the Demon’s Souls servers, for any of my readers who’ve yet to play the game.

The short version is that, as of about 3 months from now (Feb 28th, 2018), all of the online servers for Demon’s Souls will be taken offline.  The game will still function in single-player offline mode, but multiplayer (both cooperative and PvP) will be shut down, you won’t see the ghosts of other players wandering around or bloodstains where they died, and you won’t get to read the messages left by other players, generally saying things like “this is a safe spot to stand and shoot the boss with tons of arrows” or “there is hidden treasure directly below this point that looks like a bottomless drop to your death”.

Those latter types of messages are generally lies, btw.

Anyway.  While the game will still WORK after next February, a lot of the charm is about to poof into the digital ether.  If you have never played it, this would be an excellent time to buy it and push it right to the top of your backlog.  Do not be put off by its notorious difficulty level, because it is hugely overstated.  Just buy it (if you don’t already own it), start a new character, pick the “Royal” class (this gives you a spell that is almost a one-hit kill for all of the early enemies, and a ring that regenerates your mana), and give it a shot.

I originally gave the game a try just because it was super cheap on PSN and because I thought I’d get repeatedly killed and could get a funny blog post out of it, as I am not a super hard core pro video game guru and all of the online chatter around the Souls games implied that you needed to be a super hard core pro video game guru to succeed at them.

Then I wound up falling in love with it and playing through the entire game.

For the love of God, I play Hidden Object games.  If I can beat Demon’s Souls, YOU CAN.

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4 Responses to You may need to clear some time in your holiday schedule.

  1. Geddy says:

    I’m really hoping for a Souls compilation on the Switch. Never got around to playing any of them more than 5 minutes and would love to torture myself a bit.

    Of course, this is Demon’s Souls, which from what I’ve heard is even harder than Dark Souls…


    • baudattitude says:

      There’s been a persistent rumor that From is thinking about a Dark Souls Collection for the Switch, and I think it would be a pretty good match – the first Dark Souls, in particular, really needs a remaster, and being portable would help make some of the farming for rare drops a lot less painful. I think Demon’s is owned in part by Sony though, so it probably won’t get a port anywhere. Maybe a PS4 remaster if we’re lucky. 🙂

      You should definitely subject yourself to a little torture! Demon’s may be the hardest to play as a melee character, but magic and range attacks are nicely broken in the player’s favor.

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      • Geddy says:

        Been seeing a lot more about that Dark Souls remaster lately, too! I’d love if they remade the first, it’s definitely a little aged. It’s also not too bad though in its current state, just looks so old compared to DS2 and 3.

        Hoping for the best, maybe something in late 2018!


  2. Well, you make the game sound interesting. I’m a huge fan of Supernatural, so I might check it out.

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