My Pokémons, allow me to display them to you

There will probably be a bunch of “look at the swag I brought home from Japan” posts here in the next few days.  They are low-effort, and that’s good because one of the things I brought home appears to have been some sort of plague.

Actually I don’t think that came home from Japan.  Rather, there was a gentleman sitting next to me on the last leg of my flight (out of San Francisco) who was coughing the entire trip.  So I will blame him.


As I mentioned in my post a few days ago, I not only finished Pokémon Moon but also got sucked into buying some of the merch.  Here we go:

Litten and Torracat, or Nyabby and Nyaheat if you prefer.  I did not buy an Incineroar as it is really quite ugly.  Also a couple of pins.

The Pokémon Center-exclusive Sun/Moon “drum bag” which is a great name for this sort of round duffel bag.  It did not come with a stuffed Cosmog, I needed to buy that separately.  Fortunately since it is stuffed it will most likely stay in the bag.

Now, here’s the really weird statement: having been to a couple of Pokémon Centers in the Tokyo area, I actually think they are quite conservative in their merch production.  Of the assorted critters I had captured, tamed, and forced to fight for my enjoyment, only a very few are actually available in toy form.  Furthermore, you really don’t seem to be able to get plastic representations of the protagonists or any of the principle NPCs from the games.  It may be that only characters prominently featured in the 22-minute toy commercials TV program actually get made into physical things you can buy,

I mean, sure, you can get Pikachu on anything.


Did you just imagine something horribly obscene?  I’m sure there’s a version of it with Pikachu stamped across it somewhere.

But just TRY to find a small plastic Magnemite.

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