It’s 2017, and I’m… I’m repeating myself, aren’t I?

Finishing Macross 30 took a good hunk of June.  It’s a pretty big game, and although you could probably play through it in 25 hours or so by just ignoring all the nonessential combat and following the big “Story This Way” arrows, that would be a heck of a waste.

It was a good ride from opening animation to end credits, with ungodly amounts of references and in-jokes and, well, fan service in the far-less-common usage.  It was also my last PS3 game, so that was two more consoles (I had a launch 60GB and a slim) disconnected from the TV and packed away.

After that, I needed some shorter games, so I knocked out a visual novel or three, a hidden object adventure (Enigmatis 3, which was kind of a let-down from Enigmatis 1 & 2), and three out of my four remaining WiiU games.  I’m kind of cheating there to pad my count, since they were all Disney Infinity play sets, but they’re distinct enough that I consider them their own entities.

Disney Infinity 1.0’s play sets were… well, they weren’t amazing, and I’m kind of impressed the series got a second installment. The Pirates of the Caribbean play set at least had some fun naval combat and humor to it, but Monsters University was a terribly forgettable 3D platformer, and The Incredibles was… well, it wasn’t.

I do give The Incredibles credit for, once again, making the most girly character ridiculously overpowered.  While the Violet figure was a little tricky to find, something I chalked up to Disney not making a lot of girl toys while I was looking for her, she has a crazy-good skill set of ranged attacks, invisibility, and pretty meaty melee.  She might have been hard to find just because she’s really good.

Or, you know, that would have meant something if they hadn’t given the entire system an unceremonious kick in the arse off a very high cliff.  Still bitter there.

Anyway, that leaves me with only one WiiU game – Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE.  I’ve put about four hours in so far, and it’s proving to be a real treat.  It’s a gorgeous game, for one – mind you, running on the somewhat anemic WiiU hardware means that you have to forgive a LOT of jaggies, but it makes up for those with a terribly appealing art style.  It also makes some really interesting use of the game pad, which doubles as a map and instant messaging application.

Also, while I haven’t gotten TOO far in the game world, the representation of the Shibuya station Hachiko exit & scramble crossing is just pitch perfect.  It’s probably one of the most famous intersections in the world, mind you, so I’m not surprised they put effort into replicating it in virtual form, but it’s close to the point where I almost expect to hear the entreatments and rants of missionaries and protesters (there always seem to be a few of them, with portable amplifiers, hanging out right at the street corners).

After that’s done, I’m going to have a dozen Wii games and then I’ll be down to just having a PS4 backlog to play through.

OK, well, a PS4 backlog and a few Steam games.  And a few PC games that aren’t on Steam.  And some Vita and PSP and 3DS games.  And this supposes that I won’t break down and buy the WiiU Zelda game just to see if this will be the 3D Zelda that finally sticks with me.  But in THEORY I am close to only having one video game console hooked up.


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