Milestones, Visualized:

This rather horrifying clutter of wire shelving, displays, and systems:

Into this:

Next up (after finishing Macross) is to move the WiiU into the space where the PS3 currently is on the middle shelf here, then get busy on the four* remaining WiiU games and twelve remaining Wii games.  Backwards compatibility is a glorious thing.

I have to say that having a 32″ 720p TV has been really good for games from previous generation.  Granted, it’s the typical 1366×768 panel that means that there’s some questionable scaling going on behind the scenes, but there weren’t many games prior to the PS4/Xbox that went over 720p and a medium-sized screen like this gives plenty of real estate without being so large as to really point out the lower-resolution textures and ample jaggies of that era.

* Well, technically I have five remaining WiiU games, but one is being played in co-op with an out-of-town friend whenever he visits.  So that’s a special case.

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