I’m not meant to play Overwatch


So, let’s get this out of the way: I really really really want to like Overwatch.  I love the visual style, the character designs, the overall cheerfulness of the thing.

And, in the last couple of years, I’ve gotten over my issues with multiplayer-only games and had a stunningly good time with both Titanfall and Splatoon.

So, when Blizzard announced a free weekend, I figured I would finally try it out, fall in love, buy the thing and be off to many happy hours running around freezing people as Mei.

It did not work out so well.

It’s a gorgeous game, and the attention to detail that was obviously lavished onto every last tiny detail of the arenas is amazing.  Mei is, as expected, both utterly adorable AND the perfect troll character…

…and I played for several hours and lost 19 out of 20 matches.  The one match I DID win was in the 3v3 arcade mode and it felt like an utter fluke.

Compared to Titanfall and Splatoon… those are certainly games where I lost matches, but never to such a degree.  Usually my being awful was balanced out by bad players on the other team as well, so I’d at least get the occasional thrill of victory.

It’s pretty obvious that I am just getting into this one too far behind the curve.  I could play single player against bots, I guess, and I could level up and get loot boxes that way, but it seems kind of silly to chase cosmetic items for a game I won’t ever be able to play as intended.

So that one goes onto my list of biggest disappointments.  Maybe some day Blizzard will make a single player game in the same universe.  I’d quite like to see that.

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